Contact Islington data opened up

Regular readers will know that I’m a keen user of Contact Islington for reporting graffiti, dumped rubbish, materials left behind by contractors* and so on. My experience of Contact Islington has been rather patchy and can be summarised as: too often gets things wrong first time around, but once you get an issue escalated through to middle or senior managers who are responsible for delivering the actual services you find a pretty good bunch of people.

Hence my attention was got by the good work of Will Perrin in starting to scrutinise data on Contact Islington’s performance. Nice work.

If you live elsewhere, his piece is worth a look for the link through to his Freedom of Information request, which could be sent to your own local council too.


* It says a lot about the relative power of teenagers and large companies that we have ASBOs, curfews and more for anti-social behaviour caused by teenagers, but those firms who regularly leave their rubbish behind after they’ve finished working on the roads or pavements rarely get the slightest inconvenience.

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