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The mysterious 210 bus route diversion (Islington, London)

For a few weeks now, the 210 bus route through north London has been on diversion.

It is missing out Sunnyside Road and Beaumont Rise, where the bus stop is closed, and instead taking a detour around Hazellville Road.

210 bus route on diversion 210 bus route on diversion - closed stop

The diversion has been puzzling me because there is no sign of why it is in place. At first I hoped it was because Beaumont Rise might be able to get some major resurfacing and lose its crown as Queen of Islington’s Potholes (a crown Stroud Green Road has now ceded). No sign of any roadworks even several weeks on though.

So I asked Transport for London (TfL), who replied admirably quickly – saying they are not aware of any diversions in place on the 210. Perhaps then it is a case of signs being left up by mistake? TfL are investigating further and for the moment the Beaumont Rise stops remain closed.

One response to “The mysterious 210 bus route diversion (Islington, London)”

  1. Dear Mark,

    I found your post looking into the self-same route diversion. This morning at approximately 05:00, said diversion was actually mentioned on the electronic indicator at the bus stop on Hornsey Road just before the 210 turns up Hanley Road towards Stroud Green Road. No detail was given but the diversion was definitely there in writing. I ended up taking the 91 instead just in case. Not only is it a mystery; it’s become an Enigma…

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