Ukip bosses install candidate who opposes NHS treating people with AIDS

The Daily Wales reports:

The man who campaigned to remove the dragon from the Welsh flag because it represents the ‘sign of Satan’ is standing as a UKIP candidate.

Pentecostal minister, George Hargreaves, has been selected by the party to represent them in the Coventry South seat for the forthcoming General Election.

In 2007, as self-elected leader of the Welsh Christian Party, he launched a campaign to have the ‘evil’ dragon removed from the Welsh flag.

Amongst his other views, he’s attacked Manchester United for allegedly* sponsoring Satanismcalled for the NHS to refuse to treat HIV victims and founded a school which taught that creationism is fact and evolution is fiction.

Weirdly, George Hargreaves isn’t someone who has slipped through the net whilst Ukip bosses were looking elsewhere. Rather Ukip bosses got their original candidate in the seat – selected by party members – to stand down specially to make way for George Hargreaves.

UPDATE: Greg Judge has been selected for the Lib Dems in this seat, whilst Ukip now look to be backtracking on their choice of candidate.

* This is my most superfluous use of “allegedly” this century.

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