Das Boot (Director’s Cut): well worth the time it takes to watch

Das Boot - The Director's CutOnly three decades and more late to the party, I recently finally watched Wolfgang Petersen’s Das Boot, going for the sort-of-new (merely nearly two decades old) director’s cut version of the classic movie about a German submarine in wartime.

Weighing in at 208 minutes, it is nearly an hour longer than the original cinema release but doesn’t feel it. If somehow you too have left it as long as I did before watching, or have watched it but not recently, I’d heartily recommend it.

You do not have to be particularly interested in the Second World War or submarines either as it is really a tense psychological thriller full of character development and the occasional brief, intense moments of action – not to mention some jaw-dropping scenes of a small submarine being tossed around by enormous ocean waves. It is rightly regularly rated by so many as one of the best war movies ever made.

If you like this, you might also be interested in Twelve O’Clock High.

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