The miracle of the empty pavement, reprised

We’ve had the miracle of the empty pavement. We’ve had the encore to the miracle of the empty pavement. Now we have the encore’s encore with another empty pavement miracle:

Empty pavement, Hornsey Rise
A touch under three years ago I first tried reporting graffiti on a phone box at this location near Crouch End. I was told it wouldn’t be removed as the phone box itself was due for removal shortly. The phone box stayed, my complaints followed and the graffiti was cleaned. Round and round this cycle things went every few months: more graffiti to remove, an initial refusal due to claims the phone box was about to go any time real soon right now, and eventual cleaning after more badgering.

But lo: just before the third birthday of this cycle, the phone box has actually gone. Or been painted with super-expert camouflage paint. Either way, hooray.

Don’t worry, dear reader. This does not signal the death of such posts from me. For while this phone box may have gone, the notorious Partington Close pothole is back.

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