Top tip for Lib Dem campaigners: get this barcode scanner

One of the neat features of the now-not-so-new Liberal Democrat campaign database, Connect, is that way it lets you use barcodes for quick data entry. Barcodes of course require barcode scanners, which is where this recommended device comes in, the My-Link USB Laser (Bi-directional) Barcode Scanner*:

My-Link USB Laser (Bi-directional) Barcode Scanner

It comes with a touch of controversy as some campaigners swear by getting large numbers of super-cheap scanners for a fiver on eBay, but along with others I’m in the camp of spending a little bit more to get extra durability and reliability, especially for equipment that is going to get intensive high pressure use on polling day.

The My-Link USB Laser (Bi-directional) Barcode Scanner is available from Amazon and all good barcode shops.

* Which is one of those IT products that are far easier to use than say their name.

My-Link USB Laser (Bi-directional) Barcode Scanner
Excellent balance of price and quality
My rating (out of 5): 5.0
Mark Pack, 28 March 2015 |

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