CVs being collected for every Parliamentary candidate, including a Ukip classic

In amongst the different online initiatives to improve our democracy for the 2015 general election is the Democracy Club CVs website, which quite simply asks each candidate to add their CV and then makes them easily available via a postcode search.

Francis Irving has blogged about the origins of Democracy Club CVs here, and what I particularly like about the CV initiative is that it doesn’t try to force one way of looking at politics on either candidates or users.

Some zealots for improving politics via the internet end up trying to force one particular viewpoint on everyone – as if policies are the only way to decide who to vote for or only the last general election result is ever relevant to tactical voting considerations. What the CV website does it let both candidate and voter decide what they think is important and act accordingly.

It’s good to see Liberal Democrat candidates having a strong showing in the CVs I’ve browsed through, and remembering too that a CV doesn’t have to be a boring slab of text – as nicely demonstrated by Mark Hunter:

Then there are the, well, less impressive – as with UKIP Maldon candidate, Beverley Acevedo:

Beverley Acevedo's CV - Ukip - Maldon

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