Being seen online for campaigners

That’s the title of a training session I’m doing at Liberal Democrat conference in Liverpool with Tim Prater. We will be discussing the key website optimisation tips and good practice to ensure your online campaigning is well indexed by search engines.

I was really pleased when Tim floated the idea of doing this session as people still often find it quite hard to move from having set up an online presence to getting useful traffic to it. These days the setup is pretty easy; a few minutes at Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or one of a range of other free services and you’ve got a presence, robustly hosted and free, which includes a large range of features. Moving from that to a successful online presence, however, requires getting the right content and the right audience.

Coming up well in search engine results is an important part of that. Otherwise you risk ending up like someone all alone in a room, looking around wondering where everyone is.

Our session is on Sunday 19th September, 1pm-2pm, in the Hospitality Room, Ground Floor, Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock.

Other events I’m doing at the LibDem conference include:

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