Unsung heroes of the election: Stephanie Ouzman

Welcome to the second in my series praising some of the unsung heroes of the 2015 general election. This time, it’s off to Oxford.

Stephanie OuzmanHello and thank you to Stephanie Ouzman, the Election HQ and Clerical Manager for Layla Moran‘s Oxford West & Abingdon (OxWAb) campaign.

As the campaign’s Neil Fawcett says,

Stephanie has worked her socks off to get the Election HQ in Abingdon up and running, everything from sorting out the utilities to setting up the rota and, possibly the most important job of all, sourcing plenty of cake!

Stephanie is known for her reliability in getting the job done and with great attention to detail – vital skills when it comes to prepping the Candidate Mailings ready to go the Royal Mail.

Whether we can win OxWAb this time is still to be seen, but one thing that is certain is that we couldn’t so it without Stephanie’s hard work.

It’s hardly novel to say that good organisation is important, but what often gets overlooked is how important good organisation is to ensuring that other volunteers kindly giving up their time have it put to the best use. Attention to detail is central to that – else you end up doing tasks that have less impact, take more time and generate more frustration.

So thank you Stephanie, and all the others in similar roles around the country.

See also Christina Blundell who appeared previously in this series.

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