Lib Dems publish constituency poll for Jo Swinson, putting her just ahead of SNP (within margin of error)

The Liberal Democrats have released another constituency poll, carried out earlier this month and this time in Jo Swinson’s East Dunbartonshire constituency.

The voting intention question, which names the candidates, found Lib Dem 35%, SNP 32%, Labour 16%, Conservative 13%, Green 2%, Ukip 1%.

With a sample size of 413 the basic margin of error in the poll is +/-5%, putting Jo Swinson and the SNP neck and neck. The full data tables are here.

P.S. For anyone who is tempted to say how outrageous, fiddled, flawed and requiring eating of babies it is to have questions rating the main candidates before the voting intention question, I have one word to say: Gallup. And if you don’t know why I pick that word, it’s just possible you don’t know quite as much about what counts as normal polling methodology as you think…

UPDATE: The result in the election (with variance from the poll result in brackets) was SNP 40% (+8), Lib Dem 36% (+1), Labour 12% (-4), Conservative 9% (-4), Green 2% (0), Ukip 1% (0).


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