My letter to The Times: Parliament and the invasion of Iraq

We’ll see if it gets published on Monday…


Roy Roebuck is right to point out that we live in a Parliamentary democracy and MPs could have stopped Britain’s role in the invasion of Iraq. However, he is wrong to blame “many Liberal Democrats”, because in fact every single Liberal Democrat MP voted against Britain invading Iraq.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Pack

Roy Roebuck is not a particularly common name, and his letter gives his address as “London N1”, so I wonder if he is the Roy Roebuck who was Labour MP for Harrow East many years ago?


3 responses to “My letter to The Times: Parliament and the invasion of Iraq”

  1. Except, the PM still has the constitutional right to take us to war without consent of parliament so even if parliament blocked the war bill, Blair could have still taken us to war and he is unelected to the post of PM.
    labour got 24.2% of the electorate support and even many of the 1 in 4 that voted Labour did not support the war. So what democracy do we actually live in?

  2. Good luck, Mark. The Times are the most discerning of newspapers when it comes to publishing letters. In my obsessive career of a decade carpet-bombing newspapers with letters, I only managed to get one printed in the Times. I considered it such an achievement that I framed it and it continues to hold pride of place in our hallway today.

  3. Let’s hope with this parliament more people get their voices heard and represented such as those arguing against replacing Trident

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