Just possibly, this may have been an unwise press call to take

When a journalist says the following to you, it’s just possible you may not have said the wisest thing:

Yes, I’ve just been speaking to a woman with a Ukip ukulele who said the same thing.

Am now waiting nervously for the story…

That didn’t turn out so badly after all. It was for a BBC piece on political memorabilia and here’s part of what the report said:

Mark Pack is a Liberal Democrat commentator and works for a communications agency.

He has been keeping an eye out for election memorabilia since doing his PhD in History where he found “a lot of really mundane items which had been preserved in libraries” gave him “a huge amount of insight” into what life was like at the time.

“It’s useful to have longer-term perspective, and fascinating to see the parallels between then and now.

“Some things have changed hugely, but other elements, like talking about local roots – you can recognise the consistency there,” he said.

Nowadays Mr Pack is more interested in collecting leaflets, pamphlets and mugs.

“I’m a bit of a hoarder, you never quite know what will turn out to be interesting,” he said.

“I’ve seen a Ted Heath leaflet from a time when there were two Ted Heaths on the same ballot paper in 1970, and the then-Conservative party leader wanted to make it clear which was which.

“Given the arc of his political career subsequently, that’s fascinating to look back on.

“Often you don’t know what’s interesting until it’s too late.”

Read the full report ‘Election 2015: The people behind the political memorabilia’ here.

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