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Park Theatre proposals: why so tall?

In my previous coverage about the plans for a new theatre on Clifton Terrace, to be called the Park Theatre, I’ve not touched on the height of the proposal. One of the reasons the plans involve a building taller than the current structure on the site is that Islington Council had previously granted planning permission for the neighbouring site on the road to go higher also.

In fact, the whole area is due to get taller as over the road the plans for the John Jones site also call for the existing buildings to be replaced with much taller ones, as do the plans for the site boarding Wells Terrace to the west of Finsbury Park station.

Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park: mock-up of new theatre

Earlier this summer, planning permission was granted for a specific redevelopment on that adjoining site on Clifton Terrace. Number 6 Clifton Terrace (see photo) is to be abolished, with the replacement building having five floors: commercial unit on the ground floor, then two floors of offices topped by two residential floors. Number 4 Clifton Terrace is also growing with a new floor containing two flats. Details of these plans are on the Islington Council website and the approval included a requirement to introduce solar panels.

All told, the area is due to change hugely in the next few years, with taller buildings, more people living there and (hopefully) a new theatre. I am pretty hopeful about the overall impact, especially as the changes will see some of the derelict and litter strewn stretches change for the better. The likely influx of a large number of students would certainly change the feel of the community – and I think in a good way given how empty the area is so often. What would be a shame is if the knock-on effects on places such as Stroud Green Road see an influx of bland high street brands rather than a boost for the highly varied local businesses.

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