Labour’s strange strategy: vote for us and you’ll only get policies from the other parties

But, but, but, I thought the point of voting Labour was to get lots of Labour policies?

But, but, but, I thought the point of voting Labour was to get lots of Labour policies?

Labour’s ‘no deals’ attitude towards a hung Parliament provides a bit of bullish zip for its leading figures answering questions in the media.

But stop to think about what it really means for a moment.

If Labour isn’t going to do any deals with other parties in a hung Parliament, then for each and every sentence in each and every piece of legislation going through Parliament, and for each and every vote on each and every detail of financial packages, how will it get anyone else to vote for them?

If there are no deals, then the only things that other people will vote for – and so will get through – are those things which other parties want anyway.

No dealing with the [insert party name of choice] means there’s no scope for ‘back us on this, this and this group of policies and in return we’ll support you on that and that’. There’s no incentive for the [insert part name of choice] MPs and peers to vote for anything unless it’s something they already wanted.

Or in other words: Labour will only get things that other people want anyway. All those things that Labour say only they’ll do? Their very approach to a hung Parliament means they’ll get none of them.

Vote Labour and get, er…, Lib Dem, Plaid, SNP, DUP, even Conservative and others policies. Just nothing uniquely Labour.

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