Ukip suspend candidate / Labour apologise for abuse / ‘Green’ activists caught on camera

First up, the BBC reports that Ukip Parliamentary candidate Jack Sen has been suspended by the party:

The UK Independence Party has suspended a parliamentary candidate over a slur sent to a Jewish Labour candidate from his Twitter account.

Jack Sen, who is standing in West Lancashire, sent the tweet to Liverpool Wavertree candidate Luciana Berger…

A spokesman said Mr Sen had been suspended with immediate effect “in light of these and other comments”.

BuzzFeed has more on those “other comments” by Jack Sen.

Social media has also caused problems for Labour’s Jo McCarron, the party’s Kingswood candidate:

A Labour candidate has issued an apology after being exposed for “trolling” on Twitter with abusive comments and personal attacks against political opponents…

In a statement issued by the Labour Party, Ms McCarron apologises for any offence caused but points out that the comments were made four years ago.

That reference to “four years ago” rather undermines the apology as it’s not exactly long ago – it’s still this Parliament and Jo McCarron isn’t someone who has only just turned adult and did something daft once as a teenager. In fact, there were numerous abusive tweets over several months.

Meanwhile in Brighton the Brighton and Hove Independent reports:

In the heart of Brighton Pavilion – where Caroline Lucas is seeking re-election as the country’s one and only Green MP – it was apparently an opportunity some of her more enthusiastic and more juvenile supporters could not resist.

On the reception desk in the entrance to Sussex Heights, the tallest residential building on the south coast, was the regular delivery of Brighton & Hove Independent, the city’s favourite weekly newspaper.

There was, however, something that did not find favour with a trio of visitors, including one who appears to be wearing a Green Party badge. They are thought to be Green activists down from London – and among 40 or so who had earlier picked up leaflets from an apartment occupied by a local party member.

What had caught their eye? The front-page advert for UKIP.

So upset were they that they really let rip.

Quickly and neatly, they tore out every single one of the UKIP advertisements. One suggested they could come in handy as toilet paper … So proud were they of their actions that the two young women took photographs of the carefully-arranged mess.

Unfortunately, they did not realise that they, too, were being filmed.

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