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Predestination: very clever time travel twists yet strangely linear storytelling

Predestination - DVD coverThere are some fairly common elements to mainstream time travel science fiction movies (aside from, as with alien invasions, a magnetic-like attraction to locating events in the US; Hollywood doesn’t travel far geographically even when travelling in time).

Predestination has those but also such a tightly wound plot of temporal paradoxes that even when you guess the main twists, there’s still plenty to enjoy in just how elegantly the plot is wrapped around itself.

The film doesn’t quite achieve brilliance – much of the plot happens with fairly slow, linear exposition that is very light on drama and tension. Great acting and the smart plot mostly, but not completely, makes up for that.

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My rating (out of 5): 4.0
Very clever time travel twists yet strangely linear storytelling
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