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Tomorrow’s Ghost by Anthony Price: clever, clever and clever

Full of Anthony Price’s trademark complicated plots and intense dialogue, Tomorrow’s Ghost involves a new character and intelligence officer – Frances Fitzgibbon – investigating the past of an old character – Jack Butler – as part of security checks prior to his possible promotion.

Anthony Price - Tomorrow's GhostThe plot leaves more loose ends than is usual for a Price novel, but that makes it rather more realistic. Rather than everything being wrapped up in one Hercule Poirot style denouement where all is explained, the reader gets the trademark Price sudden burst of physical action in a rural location followed by a poignant ending which leaves you just about understanding the big picture but with much detail unclear.

Subsequently Anthony Price wrote a sort-of-sequel, A Prospect of Vengeance, in which investigate journalists many years later trying to dig up the true story of what happened in the events covered by this book. Even after reading that, you don’t know all those missing details – and moreover┬áhave some more uncertainties added on top – but it’s well worth reading the two back to back to get full enjoyment out of the clever twists and different perspectives introduced by the journalists.

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