What do Lib Dems believe?

One answer to that questions is to be found, of course, in my poster… and another rather more substantive answer is to be found in It’s About Freedom from 2002.

That is, however, now many years old and so the Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee (FPC) is kicking off a series of consultations in the party, which will include a consultation paper and a series of sessions at the party’s autumn conference.

The FPC’s two vice chairs, Julie Smith and Duncan Brack, have written more about this over on Lib Dem Voice.

Unfortunately, at time of writing the comments thread over there suggests that answer to what Lib Dems believe is ‘we believe in turning every discussion into one about tuition fees as quickly as possible’. But there will be plenty of other opportunities coming up over the next few weeks and months. And of course you can try a different tack in responding to this post…

P.S. If it’s a topic that interests you, Peace, Reform and Liberation: A History of Liberal Politics in Britain 1679-2011 is well worth a look as is the subsequent Lib Dem vision statement produced with the input of over 8,000 people by Your Liberal Britain. To find out more about what the Liberal Democrats believe, you can also sign up to my free 14-part weekly email series on Lib Dem philosophy.

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