The Lib Dems need to make far more supporters willing to trumpet the party online

People who talk about politics on Twitter and Facebook aren’t typical of the overall population. That’s not only the obvious conclusion from taking a look It’s also the more rigorous conclusion from work such as the British Election Study which found huge variation in the willingness of supporters of different parties to share political content online, as these graphs via PoliticalBetting show:

BES data on Facebook

BES data on Twitter

However, there is another way of looking at this: with more registered electors on social media than vote, social networking is a hugely effective way of getting at voters. What the graphs show is how some parties are much better than others at energising their supporters and getting messages shared on.

The real conclusion from the graphs is that the Liberal Democrats should be working out how to double the proportion of the party’s supporters who are willing to share political content and promote the party online.

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