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Cabin Pressure: the very funny second season

Cabin Pressure castI’m a relative latecomer to the radio comedy series about a small airline (so small it has just the one plane), Cabin Pressure, but am now up to Series 2.

Back again are the two pilots (played by Roger Allam and Benedict Cumberbatch), still sparking off each other and with a tense relationship with airline owner Stephanie Cole and her son and sometime useful, but often not, cabin colleague John Finnemore.

There’s a little less of the quirkiness that is Finnemore’s trademark in Series 2 but still plenty of jokes to go round as the team work their way through more destinations in alphabetic order (although two destinations are swapped round so that the episode with the big name guest star kicked off the second series when it was first broadcast – this was before Benedict Cumberbatch hit the bigtime himself).

Still great fun.

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