Lamb calls for new ‘Member Engagement Days’

Lib Dem 2015 leadership election ballot paper
More details from party leadership candidate Norman Lamb on his plans for reforming the Liberal Democrats:

Inspiring, engaging and motivating members will be a priority of the Lib Dems under my leadership. It is critical that new members are enthused and involved as quickly as possible after they join.

I will ask the Membership Department at HQ to set up a regular Member Engagement Day on at least a quarterly basis. Members will be able to sign up to come to London to find out more about the Party HQ, tour the Houses of Parliament and hear senior Party members speak about their area of special interest.

This can be hearing more about how to help make Party policy, how to stand for local government or Parliament or how to get involved with grassroots campaigning.

Different days can have different themes. Promoting diversity in politics, the challenge of an ageing population, the future development of the European Union and working to protect our environment all come to mind.

Members will be able to sign up for shadowing opportunities locally and and nationally, with senior councillors, campaigners and activists.

I would also like to see similar days offered to members in Wales and in Scotland highlighting the work done in the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament. Events will also be held by the Regions in England to boost local levels of activity.

This initiative will be a key part of my vision to energise our party at all levels and build a new progressive, radical liberal movement for change.

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