New member in Bristol or Liverpool? Sorry, you’ll be treated as second rate


I’ve covered the good news from London that for the London Mayor and GLA selections the regional party wanted to change the rules requiring people to be a member for a year before being able to vote in such selections – and got (slightly flawed) approval to do so.

That was a very sensible move as without it the surgeĀ of new members in the last few months would have hadĀ been told: sorry, we don’t trust you – you’re too new (though by the way, no problem with voting for party leader because, er…, we do trust you for that).

Good news for London – and tribute to Mike Tuffrey’s leadership in particular in seeing this through. That’s another good idea in opening up the party which I’ve pushed for with others which has made it.

But not so good news elsewhere. Because a new member in London? Yes, we’ll trust you. But a new member in Liverpool or Bristol, both of which have Mayor elections in 2016? Sorry, you won’t be trusted as it’s been decided – so far – to keep the 12-month rule for those selections.

But there is time to think again…

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