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Been called by 020 3634 9821? Steer clear and lodge a complaint

The elephant that was, or wasn't, behind Rosemary

The elephant that was, or wasn’t, behind Rosemary

Another day, another dodgy robocall. This time it was from “Rosemary” on 020 3634 9821. It was rather cunning because at first it sounds like a real human being. But I’ve put quotes around Rosemary’s name because when you test it out with a few slightly out of the ordinary responses that the truth is obvious: it’s a fully automated call, not a human. (Try shouting “Watch out! There’s an elephant behind you” and see how “Rosemary” reacts. And your office colleagues.)

Otherwise it was the classic dodgy format – an automated call despite me not having given prior permission to receive such a call (which is legally required for automated calls). Add to that a claim that the call was triggered by a past event for which I could be due money, but where – as usually – the claimed past event was wholly fictitious, backed up by a false claim about where the data came from, and done in the hope that if you ring enough people with a made-up story it will be true for some of them by chance.

So if you get a call from 020 3634 9821, ignore it. Ignore it except for one thing.

It’s always a good move to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner here. The regulator can move a little slowly, but movement happens when there are lots of complaints.

Other numbers to avoid:

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