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Majority think Coulson should be sacked, police should re-open investigation

A YouGov poll commissioned by The Sun and carried out over Monday / Tuesday finds:

The editor of the News of the World at the time, Andy Coulson, denied knowledge of the phone tapping operation, but accepted the “ultimate responsibility” as editor and resigned. He has since taken a job as David Cameron’s Director of Communications. There have recently been allegations from former employees of the News of the World that phone tapping was more widespread at the News of the World and that Andy Coulson was personally aware of the tapping. Mr Coulson has denied allegations that he was aware of the phone tapping and has said that he is happy to talk to the police. Do you think Mr Coulson should or should not keep his job in Downing Street?

Should not keep his job 52%
Should keep his job 24%
Don’t know 24%

Do you think the police should or should not reopen their investigation into the phone tapping affair?

Should re-open investigation 54%
Should not re-open investigation 24%
Don’t know 22%

The usual caveats about paying too much attention to a single poll apply, but the differences in answers are well beyond the margin of error and the wording of the questions does not look like wording that would have produced massively distorted figures.

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