Liberal Democrats donations procedure

As it’s had a bit of discussion recently elsewhere, such as in Liberator, here is the Liberal Democrat policy on accepting donations. The requirements set down are in addition to the requirements which the law sets down for donations, such as over who is able legally to make a donation. Those legal checks are made by party staff and signed off by the Registered Party Treasurer*.

The process talks about “accepting” a donation which is different from receiving one. For example, if a donation is made via credit card on the party’s website, then it will have been received by the party. But the party then decides whether or not to accept it (and if it doesn’t, the payment is reversed). Likewise a cheque may be received, but before it is cashed the decision on whether or not to accept it is made.

PPERA is the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 which was the piece of legislation that introduced the framework for regulating political donations in the UK. Although it has been amended several times since, its basic framework still governs the regulation of political finance.


I’ve blogged this in the spirit of making it easier to find public party documents that are often rather hard to locate online. Which was also the reason for previously posting up these two:


* This is the chair of the party’s Federal Finance and Administration Committee (FFAC). The FFAC Chair / Registered Party Treasurer is different from the the Party Treasurer, who is more ‘chief fundrasiser’.

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