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Just how vile do comments have to be before they stop being upvoted on the Daily Mail website?

Alas, this experiment didn’t find out the answer as all their published comments were upvoted:

As a social experiment, @DMReporter and I wanted to see what level of support the comments would get if we took some famous pieces of Nazi propaganda and changed the word ‘Jew’ with ‘migrant’. For disclosure, a few of the comments we made were blocked by the Mail’s moderators however most of them made it through…

At the most recent count, we had a total of 480 up votes (and rising) against 16 down votes, across eight adapted Nazi comments. It seems the migration debate has evolved to a place where even certified hate speech can pass for popular political opinion!

See the gruesome details of the comments that were posted and upvoted in the full piece We Were Upvoted for Posting Nazi Propaganda about Migrants in the Daily Mail.

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