A great summary of Lib Dem beliefs and details of autumn party conference

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Following on from the publication of the Liberal Democrat governance review and the conference reports (including details of the party’s finances), the consultation papers on the Lib Dem policy making process and also on the Lib Dem philosophy and how it can be applied to the challenges the country faces are out, as is the full text of the motions for September’s Bournemouth conference.

Here they all are, and if you read nothing else do read the excellent summary of the Liberal Democrats philosophy in Part 2 of the consultation paper on our beliefs and the challenges ahead.

Although the paper comes from the Federal Policy Committee, of which I’m a member, the bulk of the credit for Part 2’s excellence is due to Duncan Brack who produced an wonderful draft which the committee then did its best not to wreck. (On a similar theme, if you’d like to know more about what the Lib Dems stands for, take a look at my poster.)



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