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Why doesn’t the alphabet apply to Knights and Dames?

Much of the media when listing Knights and Dames puts all the Knights first, even though D comes before K in the alphabet.

Putting more senior posts first is the norm of course, but unless you think men are more important than women, why break with the alphabet for Dames and Knights?

One response to “Why doesn’t the alphabet apply to Knights and Dames?”

  1. […] * I think. I can’t think of anyone else who has managed three. Do correct me if I’m wrong. It’d be lovely to know if there is anyone else who has achieved such a remarkable record. ** This record also makes for a good test about whether critics of Clegg’s choice of advisors in Coalition know what they’re talking about or not. Given Jonny’s record, if someone attacks Clegg for having appointed a team without any real campaigning experience and doesn’t even mention a caveat about Jonny Oates, you know that they don’t really know what the background of his team was. *** First time I wrote this I followed the usual and very widespread habit of putting Knights first. Which prompts the question Why doesn’t the alphabet apply to Knights and Dames? […]

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