Tim Farron to chair Federal Policy Committee

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron is going to reprise the previous pattern of party leaders chairing the Federal Policy Committee (FPC), something which stopped under the pressure of government business with Nick Clegg.

Given the number of MPs who in one form or another get to sit on the FPC is rather high compared to the size of the Parliamentary Party, the more interesting question yet to be settled is whether Norman Lamb will also be on the committee. Norman has experience of chairing FPC and is one of the party’s few MPs with a good record of engaging fully in the policy process, getting out policies which turn into strong campaigning platforms.

That experience and expertise would make Norman a very useful detailed hands-on man to support Tim’s normal less hands-on committee running style.

It would also be a good route for Norman to get stuck into helping rebuild the party following his decision, quite understandably, to take a slightly quieter summer to catch his breath after the leadership contest and hence turning down the offer of economics spokesperson in Tim Farron’s team.

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