You won’t believe what happened to this woman’s cat when she found a pothole in her drive after watching Doctor Who.

Kittens. CC0 Public domain

During an email training session at Liberal Democrat conference, Cllr Iain Roberts made the point that email subject lines need to be good, but good may mean simple and straightforward – such as ‘Local news from Iain’ – rather than very clickbaity.

The example he gave of a subject line you don’t need to use was:

This woman voted Liberal Democrat. You’ll never guess the amazing thing that happened next.

No cats? No Doctor Who? I think we can do a better clickbait job than that…

But even if you don’t go full clickbait, it’s worth remembering that headlines on stories and subject lines on emails need to give people a reason to read. In Iain’s case, his well-established record of producing interesting email means that a subject which says, ‘Iain here again’ works. For most of the rest of us, our subject lines need to work a little harder.

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