Remarkable from Spectator: Corbyn used rejected draft Miliband speech extracts

Remarkable find by The Spectator:

Revealed: ‘unspun’ Jeremy Corbyn used a four-year old reject speech for Miliband

On its own terms, I imagine Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the Labour conference can be considered tolerably acceptable…

Nevertheless, what was new was not good and what was good was not new. Much of it, actually, was not new at all. A significant chunk of Corbyn’s speech was, in its essentials, written in 2011. Not by Corbyn, of course, but by the writer Richard Heller.

Four years ago Mr Heller (with whom I should say I have played cricket in the past) offered Ed Miliband some unsolicited advice. As best I can tell, Miliband ignored him. Corbyn, however, has been happy to draw upon this well. Let’s compare and contrast this speech with Heller’s words from four years ago…

Read the full piece and extensive comparisons of speech texts here.

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