A great idea for kick-starting community ideas

Vegetable soup. CC0 Public Domain

Detroit Soup is a concept for crowd-funding dinners that has raised more than $100,000 (£63,900) for community projects in the Motor City. It has rapidly spread around the UK.

More than 100 people turned up to the first Sheffield Soup in July…

You pay a small entry fee in return for a bowl of soup – and the chance to hear local people pitch ideas to help your community.

After questions are taken and liquid meals are served, everyone votes for the project they liked best. The winner gets to keep the money paid at the door…

The network of people running Soups in the UK has grown so fast that Detroit Soup founder Amy Kaherl sometimes finds it hard to keep up.

“It’s amazing to me how many people have wanted to start up a Soup and have,” she says. “To have 30 in the UK pop up in some six months, it’s insane.” [BBC]

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