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Received a text message from 07341 561 782?

And here is another new phone number to add to the ‘avoid and lodge a complaint’ list: +44 7341 561 782.

Why? Because the SMS I received:

  1. Was unsolicited, breaking the rules against unsolicited texts, and
  2. Is another of the new fashion for ‘helping with compensation claims’, this time over alleged bank account mis-selling – but as ever there is no need to use a middleman for such claims, even if you are in a position to qualify for compensation – and if you do you end up with less money in your pocket at the end of it because the middleman gets paid a chunk of your compensation money.

So once again the advice if you get an SMS from this latest number is: steer clear of the company and ignore the message.

Steer clear that is, except for one thing. It’s always a good more to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner here. The regulator can move a little slowly, but movement happens when there are lots of complaints. Moreover, if you fill in an online complaint, the system also tells you how to report the spam message to your mobile network – a useful belt and braces.

The text messages prompt you to visit a one-page website for a company going under the name of PBA Refunds, whose web address interestingly is registered via a firm which specialises in ‘offshore hosting’. There are various legitimate reasons to host overseas – indeed this website you are reading is hosted overseas – but this one is registered in the Seychelles, an unusual choice for website hosting for mainstream marketing activities.

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