Have you got what it takes to be a top-flight political pundit?

Nine out of the last ten opinion polls have shown the Liberal Democrats support to be either the same or higher than the previous poll by that polling company (full data here).

Does this mean:

a. That the Liberal Democrats are on the slide into total oblivion with every single member of the party taking every waking moment to talk about the leadership, or

b. Something else.

If you think (a), congratulations. Award yourself a job on a newspaper or news show of your choice. If (b), sorry – try again next time.

PS If you’re a Guardian reader you may be confused by this claim as they reported earlier this week that the Liberal Democrats had slipped in the latest poll. Thanks to the wonders of the Readers’ Editor not only has this been corrected, but they’re even going to try to get our logo right in future. Hurrah.


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