Tory town councillor caught on CCTV daubing obscene graffiti on Lib Dem rival’s shop

Tory caught on camera daubing obscene graffiti on Lib Dem rival’s shop front
Karin Graham, 50, wrote ‘w****r’ and ‘C***sucker’ on the property of a Lib Dem councillor in the middle of the night – but was caught on CCTV

… She was targeting a gift shop owned by Lib Dem Gavin Jones, in what has been described as a bitter and long-running Tory ‘dirty tricks’ campaign in the town.

In a scene reminiscent of a Carry On film, Graham is seen with an unknown male approaching the shop front with her lip gloss at the ready to write the foul messages.

The man puts a hood up to hide her identity – AFTER she arrives at the scene. The video then shows them making off from the into the darkness. Northumbria Police confirmed Cllr Graham was given a caution.

But Mr Jones has now asked the police’s standards department to look at the way the inquiry was handled.

Another Berwick Tory Cllr Georgina Hill, 37, was forced to resign her job as press secretary to Mrs Trevelyan last month after making a sick joke about murderer Raoul Moat on Facebook.

Mr Jones, who stepped down as town councillor but remains a Northumberland Lib Dem county councillor, was also the subject of a series of abusive messages on Cllr Hill’s Facebook page, including one which suggested he ‘f*** off’ out of Berwick. [Daily Mirror]

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