Equal Ever After: the fight for same-sex marriage and how Lynne Featherstone made it happen

Former Liberal Democrat minister Lynne Featherstone’s book Equal Ever After retells the story of how same-sex marriage was legalised following her decision to introduce legislation. It’s a great read with insights such as the role of Michael Heseltine and how the strong opposition from some religious quarters was matched by support from others.

As she said when the law was passed:

I am so happy – that’s it – just so happy. You go into politics wanting to change the world for the better – and here is my little bit of it.

Tributes to all who have helped over the ages in the step by step journey to equal marriage – but especially to those who have had to suffer the discrimination and bigotry that made its path so painful.

And very best wishes to all those who will now get married. As Ben & Jerry put it on the special ice-cream tub they sent me to thank me for my work instigating equal marriage: ‘Everyone deserves to live Apple-y Ever After’ …and so they do!

Praise for Equal Ever After by Lynne Featherstone
Equal Ever After - Lynne Featherstone - book cover

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