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Hope – Len Deighton picks up the pace in 8th Bernard Samson book

Len Deighton - Hope - book coverHope, the penultimate book in Len Deighton’s triple trilogy about British secret serviceman Bernard Samson, picks up the pace again after the treading of water in the previous Faith. It’s still not back to the roaring full pace of some of the earlier books, but Hope is set against a brilliantly painted backdrop of nearly-post-Communist Poland and accompanied by some very sharp and at times funny dialogue.

As ever, although Len Deighton himself said the books were designed to be readable on their own, this volume is really best read in sequence for part of Deighton’s skill lies in the regular double-backing to earlier events, given the reader and his characters a different perspective on them each time. To really appreciate each return visit to past events you have to have already taken the earlier trips.

If you like this, you might also be interested in Berlin Game (the first book of the first Sansom trilogy).

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