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Charity – a fitting finale to Len Deighton’s Bernard Samson triple trilogy

Len Deighton - Charity - book coverWith Charity Len Deighton’s triple trilogy about secret serviceman Bernard Samson comes to an excellent, if somewhat ambiguous, conclusion.

The spy twists themselves are concluded well before the end of the book. The final sections of the final book in the final trilogy about Bernard Samson instead are about the characters and the future of their relationships, something which has always been an important part of the Samson series.

The spy plot itself is pretty much wrapped up, and that which isn’t adds to the enjoyment – such as the nagging doubt about whether too much blame gets heaped on the politically convenient scapegoat, nicely continuing the theme through the series of the importance of office politics.

As for the characters, they do not have their lives wrapped up in the same way, but that – I think – is rather the point Len Deighton is trying to make about humans and their relationships. Things are not so neat and tidy.

Once again, the narration for the audio version by James Lailey is excellent, with a great use of different voices to help the listener keep track of the many different characters in the book.

If you like this, you might also be interested in Berlin Game (the first book of the first Sansom trilogy).

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