What the Conservatives want to do to the Lords. What do you make of it?

One in five peers could be sacked to help control the size of the House of Lords, David Cameron’s official reviewer into reforming the second chamber will suggest next month.

Lord Strathclyde, who was asked by the Prime Minister to look at the Lords after they blocked Tory tax credit cuts, is expected to give a “nod” to the idea in his report.

The Tory peer also will tell Mr Cameron to create a new law stripping Lords of their ability to veto changes to secondary legislation – his main recommendation…

[In addition, his proposals] would see one in five peers fired – around 165 Lords – and shrink the second chamber to a size closer to that of the House of Commons.

With the number of peers effectively capped, parties would then have to hold internal elections to decide which Lords were still allowed to still attend.

[Sunday Telegraph]

What do you make of these plans?

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