The Labour Party has been here before (and it turned out rather well)

A Labour Party leader who heads a party apparently a long way from gaining power. A Labour Party leader who sets out his political vision for a socialist state, and strongly believes in unilateral disarmament. A Labour Party leader who opposes taking action against extremist aggression overseas. A Labour Party leader who finds his party deeply split over his foreign policy approach.

All sound familiar?

Well the good news for Labour, if not for Jeremy Corbyn, is that when this played out last time in the form of George Lansbury it turned out pretty well for the party. The trade unions forced the leader out of office and he was succeeded by a non-pacifist who within five years led Labour into government and within another five to a landslide election victory. Step forward, Clement Attlee (though of course he was not Labour’s most successful leader at winning elections).

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