Tim Farron speaks in Parliament, backing air strikes in Syria

Following the news that the Liberal Democrats will be supporting the extension of British air strikes from Iraq to Syria, here is Tim Farron’s contribution to the debate (courtesy of PolitcsHome):

Tim Farron on Syria

You can read more about Tim Farron’s reasons for supporting the air strikes here.

One other interesting point from the speeches so far:

UPDATE: The Guardian picked Tim Farron’s as one of the five best in the debate.

In a debate that has involved a lot of dry discussion about strategy and the composition of opposition forces in Syria, Farron’s speech stood out because it was unashamedly emotional and passionate.

“The spectre of the Iraq war in 2003 hangs over this house and hangs over the whole debate that we’re having in this country,” he said. The late former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy had called for intervention in Bosnia and opposed the “counterproductive and illegal” Iraq war – both principled stances, Farron said. “I am proud of Charles on both counts.”

He said his decision – the toughest he has ever made – was influenced by his experience of visiting the refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Here is a clip of part of it.

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