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Been called by 08439 800 143? Steer clear and lodge a complaint

Another day, another dodgy robocall on my mobile. This time it was from 08439 800 143 (Money Help Marketing, a firm regular readers will have come across before) and was dodgy for the usual pair of reasons.

First, because automated calls can only be made to people who have given their permission in advance to received automated calls – such as the permission you might give your dentist to receive automated reminders for appointments. I’ve not done this for 08439 800 143.

Second, because it contained the classic dodgy call fake information about how they supposedly have records about a past event for which I could be due money, but where – as usual – the claimed past event was wholly fictitious. The reason for doing is usually is the hope that if you ring enough people with a made-up story it will be true for some of them by chance.

Lodge a complaint about 08439 800 143 / Money Help Marketing

So if you get a call from 08439 800 143, ignore it. Ignore it, that is, except for one thing.

It’s always a good move to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner here. The regulator can move a little slowly, but movement happens when there are lots of complaints.

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