Making your mobile once again a device designed for calls: Native Union Pop Phone Retro Handset

An orange Native Union Pop Phone Soft Touch Retro Handset in useMost mobile phones have long since stopped being designed with convenience of voice calls in mind as the phone is now more a portable internet device than a way of using your vocal chords to communicate at a distance. All the more with the increasing trend towards phones with larger screens, better for typing and viewing but more cumbersome to hold up at the side of your head.

Which is where the Native Union Pop Phone Soft Touch Retro Handset comes in. A long name for a simple idea: make an old style phone hand set which you can plug into a phone:

Modern telephony.

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The handset is nicely made and weighted, sitting comfortably in the hand and is slippery enough to be easy to clean without slipping out of your hands when using it. Call quality is pretty good, though sometimes the plug doesn’t make a brilliant connection with devices. There is one button on the handset which, depending on your phone and operating system, should certainly let you hang up calls and possibly do a bit more too.

It is available in a range of colours, though I much prefer the orange.

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Buy an orange Native Union Pop Phone Soft Touch Retro Handset here.

Native Union Pop Phone Soft Touch Retro Handset
Makes longer phone calls much more comfortable
My rating (out of 5): 4.0
Mark Pack, 12 December 2015 |

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