Faraday ward by-election – how and why should should help

Before the rain hit this morning I was out campaigning with the brilliant Lauren Pemberton-Nelson and the Southwark Lib Dem team for the Faraday ward by-election:

The by-election has been caused by (yet another) Southwark Labour councillor falling foul of the law, this time with a conviction for assault.

As the local party says about the Faraday ward by-election, being held on January 21:

For those with a sense of history, Faraday ward includes the famous Aylesbury estate which Tony Blair used as the scene to make his first official speech as Prime Minister in 1997 – promising that its regeneration would be the symbol of New Labour’s Britain. 18 years on, the estate remains unimproved – albeit with increasingly poor quality services and suffering the effects of a very badly organised relocation programme that means that many long-term residents of the area are being sent to “temporary” homes many, many miles away from South London.

Lauren Pemberton-Nash is a really exciting new voice for the local community and a great candidate for London Lib Dems to get behind. Having grown up on the Aylesbury estate, Lauren knows exactly what it means to wait for failed Labour promises that never materialise, and how the whole local community could benefit from having a dynamic and passionate Liberal Democrat councillor who would listen to them and put local people first.

More details and how to help in Faraday here [link now defunct].

P.S. Double brownie points to the Faraday Lib Dem team for emailing a thank you message with some good motivating statistics before the end of the day.

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