Duwayne Brooks to challenge Lembit Opik for London Mayor

In the Liberal Democrat London Mayor selection contest, Lewisham councillor Duwayne Brooks has just publicly thrown his hat in the ring.

The other declared candidate so far is former MP Lembit Opik. The number of fans for Lembit’s Facebook page has been growing slowly but now there is a direct competitor to judge it against. So far, Lembit is ahead though Duwayne’s page has only very recently appeared.

2 responses to “Duwayne Brooks to challenge Lembit Opik for London Mayor”

  1. It was clear from comments that were made on Wednesday that Duwayne was considering standing. A debate on who the candidate is will be good for the party. Lembit and his team have been preparing for the challenge for several months and we are starting to visit the boroughs. Lembit is appearing at Croydon Lib Dems (36 Norfolk Avenue) on Sunday 26th. Democracy is healthy for the party and will give an opportunity for Lembit to expand on his policies for the city.

    Lembit 4 London was set up by grassroots activists to back Lembit’s campaign. We believe that Lembit will pick up support from a wide variety of Londoners and also has the potential to pick up support from Central/East European voters many of whom may be voting for the first time. It is this reach that gives him a chance of beating Ken and Boris. Lembit has been defined by his voting record as the most liberal Liberal Democrat and this liberal agenda will form the heart of his campaign.

    Lembit is the candidate who will give the party a chance to win.

    Ed Joyce
    Lembit 4 London

  2. You’re joking Ed.

    If Lembit “is the candidate who will give the party a chance to win” then why did he lose his safe seat in mid-Wales at the General Election?

    Sadly he’s just a figure of fun these days thanks to his well-publicised relationships with weather presenters and cheeky girls.

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