This is how to rebuild the Liberal Democrats

"Lib Dems" spelled out in Scrabble pieces
David Howarth and I have updated our popular pamphlet from last year, setting out a new strategy for the Liberal Democrats.

It’s based on a close analysis of who shares our party’s values, how to turn that into a larger core vote for the party, why that’s a good objective and what that all means for how the Liberal Democrats are organised. Just a little brief there…

Included in the updates are new and expanded data about the public and also more extended answers to some of the most common questions which have come up (such as how building a larger Lib Dem core voteĀ helps win first past the post elections).

You can get the 2nd edition of Building a core vote for the Liberal Democrats: the 20% strategy here.

Happy reading – and, especially if you’re a Lib Dem, please do share it with others too.

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