What do 84% of Liberal Democrat MPs have in common?

There have been 111 Liberal Democrat MPs in total since the party was founded in the late 1980s.

Ninety-three of them have something in common, not shared with the other eighteen.

That factor? Being male.

The reason I mention this is that the reaction of some to the radical plans to improve diversity in the Parliamentary Party (see details of the motion here) is to say that the problem is just that the party go so very few MPs elected in May 2015.

Now that was certainly a bad result for all sorts of reasons. But remember the 84%.

Whether general election results have been good, indifferent or bad the picture has always been the same: overwhelmingly male-dominated Parliamentary Party despite us being in a majority-female country.

When it comes to gender diversity, the problem isn’t May 2015, it has been a permanent feature of the party’s history.

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