Nasty smear campaign against Lib Dem councillors

The Portsmouth News reports:

A person using a fake identity has sparked outrage by sending out leaflets criticising two Lib Dem councillors and accusing them of not attending enough meetings…

The two leaflets are the work of someone using the name ‘Paddy Graham’, who claims to be a Ukip supporter from Portchester.

But there is no-one with that name or similar registered on the electoral role in the Fareham area.

The News has also learnt that a Facebook profile picture Mr Graham claims is him is actually that of a man from Kent…

The local Ukip party has distanced itself from him, saying they have never met him and that he gave false details – including an address that does not exist – to them…

The person behind the ‘Paddy Graham’ persona has … also written letters to The News, again criticising the Lib Dems. When contacted by a reporter, the person using the ‘Paddy Graham’ email address admitted being behind the leaflets, but refused to meet or speak on the phone…

Lib Dems fight back with their own positive flyers
Ward councillor Katrina Trott has launched her own leaflet campaign to try to combat the accusations…

Her leaflet says: ‘Local people know just how hard Katrina Trott works as our councillor in Fareham East. No wonder they’ve been disgusted by recent personal attacks on her by people, some of whole appear to hide behind false identities

‘Just for the record, here’s a quick summary of what Katrina does for us – a 100 per cent record of attendance at Fareham’s full council meetings, plus attending the other committees on which she serves.’

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