Labour MP David Lammy fined £5,000 for nuisance phone calls

Telephone CC0 Public Domain
In the latest controversy over his campaigning, Labour MP David Lammy has fallen foul of the rules banning automated phone calls unless the recipients have previously given permission for such automated contacts:

Labour MP David Lammy has apologised “unreservedly” after being fined £5,000 for instigating nuisance calls urging people to back his London mayoral bid.

The 35,629 calls played a recorded message urging support for his failed campaign to be Labour’s candidate…

People getting Mr Lammy’s calls had not given permission to receive them.

Mr Graham [the regulator] said: “If you want to call someone in this way, you must follow these rules. Mr Lammy did not, and that is why he has been fined.

“It’s not good enough to assume the people you’re contacting probably won’t mind. The law requires you to have permission before making calls with recorded messages. And if the law isn’t followed, the regulator will act.” [BBC]

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