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Co-operative Energy is second worst utility company of them all – new figures

The latest quarterly data for complaints from customers is out for utility companies, and once again it shows The Co-operative Energy treats its customers in a most un-cooperative way:

1st quarter 2015: 4th most complained about utility company
2nd quarter 2015: 2nd most complained about utility company
3rd quarter 2015: 1st most complained about utility company
4th quarter 2015: 2nd most complained about utility company

Co-operative Energy - why you shouldn't be a customer

Even if you're looking for a mutual energy supplier, there's one very clear and strong conclusion: stay clear of Co-operative Energy with its security and customer service problems. more

That’s a quite horrendous record.

It is also a record of customer failure which reflects my own experience, now thankfully ended, of being a Co-operative Energy customer.

As I wrote last year about Co-op Energy:

If the IT meltdown, poor security, numerous errors, poor service and tin ear to customers aren’t enough to put you off The Co-operative Energy, not to mention the paucity of interest in these issues shown by those running to be directors of Midcounties Co-operative, who own it, [the complaints figures are] another reason.

One small consolation from my own experience of their special combination of abysmal customer service and lack of interest in sorting it from would-be directors during their election is the number of people who come to my posts via search every day. I hope at least I’ve managed to save a few people from my own fate (and do share this if you know anyone else who is thinking about being a customer of theirs).

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